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Areas of Focus

Consultation Services can be provided to parents / caregivers who are looking for support with 1-2 specific goals for their child or loved one. In some cases the clinicians may work directly with the child / youth / adult, for all of part of the session, depending on the goals determined through the initial consultation and or parent coaching session. 

We start with an assessment of the learners needs and strengths by the BCBA. Together a set go goals will be developed based on a 360 degree from both the client and other treating clinicians. All programs include plan to generalize and maintain treatment gains.

Included but not limited to:

  • Behaviour support / management

  • Skill acquisitions programming

  • Social / communication /play skills, self-regulation, motor / vocational skills

  • Anxiety & depressive symptoms

  • Challenging behaviour

  • Comorbid ADHD-related problems

  • Activities of daily living

  • Positive behavioural supports

  • School consultation / readiness programs

  • Clinical oversight to agencies to ensure compliance with QAM standards

  • Functional behaviour assessments to inform treatment programs

  • Variety of  age ranges (Toddler to Geriatrics)

Toddler (3-5)
Child (5-12)
Youth (12-17)
Adult (18-60)
Senior (60-85)
Geriatric (85+)
Playing Basketball
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