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Behavioural Support Services

Anchor provides support services to the children, youth, adults and senior populations living with mental health difficulties, high risk behaviours, developmental disabilities, brain injury, dual diagnosis and complex special needs. Our approach to person centred care is on the belief that everyone has a right to live the life they want.  We work collaboratively with our clients and their families, and healthcare teams to ensure their activities of daily living, align with the goals they are looking to achieve to live their life to the fullest. 

What makes Anchor different is our tailored approach to the individuals and the families that we serve. Starting from our intake process we work closely with the our clients to ensure we match our associates in based upon their area of expertise.  

Anchor provides support in the following sectors:

  • Social Service Agencies

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Education 

  • Hospitals

  • Long Term Care Facilities

  • Family Home​

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Social Service Agencies

Anchor Behaviour Support workers, provide support in various facility environments or private home settings to assist with maladaptive behaviours using crisis prevention strategies.

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We support in several educational program assisting students with learning disabilities, behavioural needs, psycho-social emotional regulation, and ADHD within the classroom

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Long Term Care Facilities

Long Term Care facilities can face their own unique challenges. Anchor's Associates are experienced in providing care to a diverse population, under the umbrella of Mental Health challenges and complex special needs.

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Healthcare Organizations

Anchor provides flexible, experienced associates to assist residential & rehabilitation facilities facing staffing difficulties due to illness, planned absences due to vacations, and training or job vacancies.  

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Supporting patients with psychiatric and enhanced personal support needs to alleviate the hospital staff to provide excellent care to all patients.

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Family Home

Anchor’s  respite care is offered in the clients home. We work closely with the clients treatment teams to follow programs for individuals experiencing mental health challenges, aggressive behaviours, suicidal ideations, and self-care difficulties.

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Adult Developmental Support Solutions

Anchor is an approved Passport Service Agency, that will take care of your needs.  Anchor's support for the developmental population was founded on the recognition that families can all benefit from having support to ensure that the caregivers are also taking time for themselves

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