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When developing a clear path for treatment and management strategies best suited for the individual and their families, treatment providers may need support workers with a specific skill set to ensure that their patient/client can engage in their activities of daily living, and other goal oriented programming.  Anchor ’s Brain Injury Support Workers (BISW), Mental Health Workers (MHW) and Behaviour Support Workers (BSW) under the direction of the regulated health care professionals, work with individuals that have suffered traumatic injuries as a result of a motor vehicle or work place accident. Our support workers focus on facilitating the "enhanced attendant care" component.   Enhanced attendant care is needed when an individual requires a front line professional that has specific set of skills, experience and/or background directly related to the individual's impairments.  Regular PSW support is not always warranted for an injured person, and the individual(s) may require support based on their problematic and/or high risk behaviour, mental health difficulties or direct support around the symptomatology that comes with suffering a traumatic brain injury.    


Anchor provides dependable and experienced associates with 2 or more years of experience in one of the following areas; brain injury, mental health, high risk behaviour, dual diagnosis and paediatrics. 


Anchor’s brain injury support workers (BSW’s) Mental Health Workers (MSW) and Behaviour Support Workers (BSW) provide individuals and their families’ tools to live fuller lives through management, monitoring, and implementation of support programs for youth and adults with acquired brain injuries, behaviours as well as complex menntal health difficulties. Anchor associates all have completed a post-secondary education in child & youth, behavioural sciences, social services and/or DSW.


Anchor provides brain injury support workers that have 2 or more years of experience working within a large spectrum of mental health issues. This broad experience base provides appropriate coverage for each clients’ deficits, 

including adults and youth with acquired brain

injuries, mental health, autism spectrum disorder, dual- diagnosis, 

developmental disabilities, as well as complex medical needs.


Anchor offers services in most any setting that is considered to be beneficial to the client . Whether in-home, residential facilities, hospitals, schools or long-term facilities, Anchor has the expertise to effectively implement 

behaviour support services 

within all of these forums.


Anchor is unique in its management philosophy. An environment of support and mentorship is key to Anchor’s ability to provide 24-hour support to all of its associates, clients and referral sources. This ideal ensures Anchor provides the highest level of efficiency and quality of service possible. Crisis management is a critical element of the overall support structure and is a differentiating factor between Anchor and other behaviour support services.



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