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Anchors’ founding principles are based on the recognition that all individuals have the capacity for learning and growth.  We at Anchor are dedicated to ensuring our clients are treated with respect and kindness throughout all aspects of their treatment programs. What sets Anchor apart from the rest is the fundamental recognition that our services may have a profound effect on the lives of each client and their families.  Such an important role requires an approach that puts the client first.


Experience is key to ensuring the best match between each client and their RT's and/or BTA.  Each of our associates have a minimum of 6 years’ experience working with youth and adults with acquired brain injuries, mental health, psychiatric or dual diagnosis, orthopaedic injuries and/or complex medical needs.  Our associates all have completed a post-secondary education in child and youth, behavioural sciences, kinesiology, OTA/PTA, social services workers, addictions, dual diagnosis and mental health. 

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Meet The Leadership Team

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