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Brain Injury & Rehabilitation Support

Navigating the way to optimal outcomes through the implementation of outcome-focused treatment plans

Behaviour Consultation & Clinical Support

Establishing PATHways forward to each clients success through an ABA Therapeutic approach

Agency Support & Consultation

The supportive, friendly and qualified providers that you and your clients have been missing

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Taking care of you & your loved ones
Rehabilitation Therapy

Anchor's Rehabilitation Therapists provide support for individuals that have an ABI, Mental Health Difficulties, Behavioural Difficulties and Complex Medical Needs.

Behaviour Consultation

We offer a range go behaviour services
from the creation of Functional Behaviour Assessments, Behaviour Support Plans and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Agency Staffing Support

Supporting children, youth and adults who have an intellectual disability. Including mental health difficulties, and behavioural, social, emotional and psychiatric difficulties.

Anchor SYNC

ANCHOR SYNC will utilize technology to enhance supportive living programming for people with Mental Health Issues, Addictions, Developmental Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

The PATHways Program

The PATHways Program is designed to provide comprehensive support to youth, adults, and their caregivers, with the ultimate goal of fostering increased independence, optimal outcomes, and an enhanced quality of life.

Digital Support Services

Coupled with direct support, we incorporate digital services with a  consistent remote monitoring system ensuring around the clock support they need with a live person available to them.

Behaviour Analyst Certification Board
2022 AOE Nominee
Rehabilitation Therapy Support

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