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Behaviour Consultation Services

Our behaviour consultative services are focused on outcome based programming delivered through best practises of applied behaviour analysis. Evidence based behavioural services are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) , and are designed to support neurodiverse and autistic individuals in various areas including school, communication, social skills, daily living skills, recreation and leisure, emotional regulation & vocational skills. Anchor believes that community based behaviour analysis requires a holistic approach not only looking at the disability itself but how maladaptive and/or problematic behaviours effect an individual's environment, family dynamic and overall function.  

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BCBA Services

Anchor’s Behaviour Consultative Services are dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based, and family-focused behaviour consultation. Our behaviour consultants have experience supporting several populations; children and adolescents with developmental disabilities, adults/children with mental health or dual diagnosis and families with complex special needs. Anchor provides tailored, integrated and barrier-free behaviour support programs aimed at assisting individuals and their families to move toward increased independence, skill acquisition and increased knowledge of general behaviour management strategies. Our consultants work with families , schools, group homes and community partners through a collaborative interdisciplinary practice. the primary focus of behavioural consultation is to train those working with the individual to use effective preventative and reinforcement strategies, or implement behavioural support plans.

Family Residence
Group Homes
Community Partners


  • Behaviour Consultations

  • Focus on generalization and maintenance of behaviours

  • Family training/education to assist with implementation of behaviour modification strategies

  • Functional Behaviour Assessments

  • Safety Plans

  • Behaviour Support Plans

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