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Digital Support Worker

Lets Connect. It's easy, fast and secure.

A Digital Support Worker provides attendant care services virtually, through a secure (HIPPA/PHIPPA/PIPEDA) compliant SMS (text-messaging) system.

Our technology allows for phones, watches and/or integrated devices such as a google homes automate prompting and cuing

(directed and customized by the occupational therapist or regulated professionals) outside of direct support services. This allows the client to access the full extent of the attendant care benefit while giving them a round the clock tool to help them better manage their impairments.

We incorporate direct services limited only by what the client can tolerate and have consistent remote monitoring system to ensure they are getting the round the clock support they need with a live person available to them. Coupled with direct support our goal is to ensure the client is maximizing their benefit to pursue the most for their claim.

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