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Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants

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At Anchor, we understand that the implementation of professional rehabilitation services is crucial in ensuring the best possible outcome for you or your loved one on the journey to a full and active life. When it comes to selecting a suitable rehabilitation therapist, we recognize that this decision is of utmost importance in initiating an individual's rehabilitation programming.


That's why under the supervision and direction of regulated healthcare professionals we implement programming tailored to the unique needs of each individual and delivered by highly experienced Rehabilitation Therapists from background such as but not limited to; OTA, PTA, Kinesiology, social service workers, behaviour sciences, fitness & nutrition as well as child and youth councillors. Our dedicated team of Anchor associates works under the guidance of regulated healthcare professionals, utilizing community-based rehab programming to provide essential support for individuals who have acquired brain injuries, mental health difficulties, behavioural challenges, and complex medical needs.

We understand that navigating the process of developing and implementing the best plan of action can be challenging, which is why our associates are here to assist you every step of the way. One of the key elements of our approach is the documentation of objective observations. By carefully observing and recording physical, mental, and emotional impairments, we gather vital data-driven information.


This information plays a crucial role in helping both the client and the rehabilitation team define a clear path of treatment. By providing data driven insights to clinicians from multiple scopes, we help facilitate more informed decisions about our client’s treatment path while increasing the capacity of each professional allowing for more dedicated and focused treatment for the individuals we are serving.

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