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Hands-on Rehab Support with a Tailored Approach

Anchor Blog: Part Two of Seven

Written by: Mr. Sean McGhie ~ Service Director of Rehabilitation Support Services.

In our ongoing blog series exploring the profound impact of Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants (RTAs) on their clients’ rehabilitation journeys, we delve into Part Two, shedding light on the tailored programming and unwavering dedication of Anchor’s RTAs. To catch up on the series, please refer to Part One on our website click here!

Rehabilitative healthcare is a domain where individuality takes center stage, especially when working with elderly individuals striving to reclaim their independence post a significant spinal cord injury (SCI). Today, we celebrate Mr. Kenark’s (name changed for privacy) story, an elderly SCI client demonstrating immense determination, and the phenomenal RTA at Anchor who walks alongside him in this journey, offering tailored support every week.

Our RTAs at Anchor are not just skilled professionals; they are compassionate individuals who truly understand the value of personalized programming. They recognize the uniqueness in each client’s story, and Mr. Kenark’s journey is a shining testament to this belief. For him, rehabilitation is a holistic experience, extending beyond the physical to encompass his emotional and mental well-being.

Mr. Kenark, like many others navigating through SCI rehabilitation, encounters a plethora of physical and emotional hurdles. His journey is a testament to human resilience, marked by his unwavering commitment to regaining his mobility.

However, there are moments of doubt and emotional exhaustion. This is where our RTA steps in, adopting a holistic approach to support him not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Empathy and active listening play pivotal roles in Mr. Kenark’s progress, as our RTA nurtures both his body and spirit. They stand by him during moments of uncertainty, offering a listening ear, encouragement, and a comforting presence, showcasing the tangible progress he’s making, even when it feels elusive. This personal, empathetic approach is what sets our RTAs apart, making a world of difference in our clients' rehabilitation journeys.

Through a customized physical rehabilitation program, collaboratively developed with the client’s PT, our RTA introduces a variety of exercises aimed at improving Mr. Kenark’s transfer, mobility, and environmental navigation skills. These exercises are thoughtfully structured to facilitate recovery and relearning of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Independent ADLs. Below is a table illustrating how these steps compound into meaningful activities for the client:

At Anchor, our RTAs are deeply invested in not just restoring physical strength, but also reigniting confidence and a sense of self in our clients. They ensure every individual feels seen, heard, and valued, transcending the conventional patient-practitioner dynamic. Through their personalized, hands-on approach, they open new avenues for individuals like Mr. Kenark, proving that even in the wake of a serious Motor Vehicle Collision and Neurological Injury, the future holds limitless possibilities.


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